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DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING… procedures should be performed prior to beginning any treatment program if it is medically necessary.   In order to determine an effective treatment plan, imaging gives your doctor knowledge to determine a specific diagnosis and severity of the problem.

The causes of pain can be very complex, and there are hundreds of structures in the spine that can cause problems. The following are used to determine diagnosis.

X-Ray:provides an image to evaluate bones, joints, and degenerative lesions in the spine and extremities.  Most common diagnostic imaging used in medicine.
CAT scan:CT… is usually used for further diagnostic evaluation of bone beyond the scope of x-ray.  These images can provide 3-Dimensional computer images and function images.
CT Myelogram:radioactive dye is injected into the spine and viewed in an X-ray.  This procedure is specific to the spinal cord.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging… gives the Highest Resolution of soft tissues structures including: brain, heart, and spinal discs. It also is more affective in most cases than CT.
Discography:A diagnostic procedure used to determine the level of a painful disc by injecting a contrast medium
EMG:A nerve conduction study evaluates the strength of nerves in the arms and legs, often in peripheral neuropathy and carpal tunnel.
Bone Density:Similar to x-ray and CT, it scans regions of the body for osteoporosis.
Bone Scan:Nuclear Scintigraphy… a small amount of radioactive chemical is injected into a vein.  Approximately 3 hours later a full body scan is performed with advanced specialized imaging.  This imaging allows doctors to see cellular physiology reactions.

There are many other types of Imaging, one or more of the above Studies may be ordered by your Chiropractic Doctor to determine Treatment.


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