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Our CLIA Certified Lab Services are done in the office at the time of your appointment.  All results are explained to you with in 15 minutes of the blood draw or UA sample.  

For information related to Food Allergy Testing click on Chiropractic Choices.

Metabolic Profile: Diabetes Control2 Tests$20
Prevention and Diagnosis
Lipid Profile:Cholesterol  Management
6 Tests$50
Triglyceride Management  
Preventative Vascular Health  
Urinalysis Profile:Infection10 Tests$30
Liver Function
Kidney Function  
Disease Prevention  
Full Screening:Yearly Physical Exam18 Tests$80
Preventative Health  

“You have topped everyone in the blood testing area with unheard of low prices. The quality of the tests met every criteria. My physician looked for any possible discrepancies of the extensive blood and UA test results, and they matched up with my most recent tests and are completely accurate.
Not only do I have peace of mind from the results, I saved  $278.”

                        Anna, 38, Whitewater, Business Owner
“My Cardiologist told me that my cholesterol and triglycerides should be checked every 6 months. Your clinic saves me hundreds of dollars every year because I have high deductible insurance, and it saves me a lot of time, and you always explain to me the results.  I really appreciate that…”

                        Jeffery, 51, Whitewater, Private Shipping

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